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Praise the sun!!!!![Gmod] :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 2 2 Black and White (NepXRWBY) :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 1 1 Blanc Lineart [HDN] :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 2 0 Flame_Lords Oc #1(Beats) V1 :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 1 3 1V1, You and me FOOL!! :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 5 6 [Neptunia V] Blanc's road towards Goddesshood(?) :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 5 0 #Leanbox's new candidate??!! (WHAT THE ACTUAL F#!) :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 7 0 Rythmes ( How the F# did this happen?) :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 3 0 The 10 Blade Goddess: Noire :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 9 10 [Nepsona] Rythme V1 :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 3 3 CCC/ CPU's Can Cry: Yandere Edition!!!!! :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 12 8 [GMOD] Angry Plutia :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 7 3 Taunting mid battle be like. . .[A tf2 GMod] :iconfiredswordshots:FiredSwordshots 4 0


Praise the sun!!!!![Gmod]
So Yeah, I just finished my exams.(Fuck you calculus)

And this is what i did literally as walked off the cold ass room.
"PRAISE THE Best Waifu SUN!!"Happy birthday Gold94Chica!!! [Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA] Nepgear Shock [Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA] Nepgear Shock [Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA] Nepgear Shock [Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA] Nepgear Shock Happy birthday Gold94Chica!!! 

Black and White (NepXRWBY)
Lore:Weiss Schnee Icon 1  is currently resting herself in Lastation to lay low from Atlas security hunting her down. Not knowing where she is, she strolls around the city alone for information and re-stock her dust's. However, shop owner's questioned her about this "Dust". leaving the runaway albino-girl(?) confused wherever she is now. . . . . . .
As RWBY Gif - Weiss 4  continued her peaceful stroll . . . .someone just had to bother her . . .

Evil Weiss Schnee Icon : What do you want . . .
Noire Talking Icon : Hey, Um. whats inside that briefcase.
Skeptical Weiss Schnee Icon : Oh, its just some rock's-
(Unfortunately for Weiss, shards of Lastation's sharecite were stolen that day by ASIC scums)
Hyperdimension Neptunia Noire Icon :
AHA!! So Your the ASIC agent who stole my sharecite!!

 RWBY Gif - Weiss 3 : Wait, whats a sharacit-
(Noire didn't give a single fuck and enters her battle stance)
(Now who would win in this fight? vote your characters in the comments!!!!!!! [Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA] Nepgear Shock [Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA] Nepgear Shock Chibi Ruby Rose Derp Icon Chibi Ruby Rose Derp Icon Chibi Ruby Rose Derp Icon  [Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA] Nepgear Shock [Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA] Nepgear Shock 

Alright, back to work . . .
Flame_Lords Oc #1(Beats) V1
Just what my Oc([Beats] from a certain imaginary beats) will look like.
Disclaimer: I don't own the original art!!!!

My personal favorite(Even though it's badly photoshop and i'm cringing to death)
Name: Beats
Current Job: Butler/babysitter(?)
Weapon: Magic sheath(Something the Nep-verse are lacking)…
1V1, You and me FOOL!!
When the daydreamer Goddess Uzume Tennouboshi - Face icon  challenges the youngest planeptune CPUYellow Heart Talking [HDN Peashy]  to a spar.

How would this match end?

CAST YOUR VOTES NOW!!!!(?) (I'm planning to do the aftermath)
Current score: 2(P-KO):0(Uzumemes)

anyways, this is just made during my exam break.

This is because i'm facing some issue:
- Where is a good source of Gmod props especially Maps? (Beside steam) 
- Blanny sent me to the hospital after i accidentally posted a panty shot of her.
- Might start MMD(and SFM as ive improved the spec of my computer),but still considering.
-Brainstorming for ideas

Sorry for those who looked forward to my arts, i'll be back ASAP.
(Requests? Post it at my previous Post, and i'll do it after i settles my problems)


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hey there.
Hmm,about me?
I'm just a random gamer/artist/ Sheath knight(?) who enjoys looking around the vast sea of information known as "Internet".


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